Ultra Pure Lanolin with Vitamin E and Olive Oil
to prepare and repair nipples for comfortable breastfeeding


  • Lanolin maintains skin moisture, to create a wound healing environment

  • Improves dryness, scaling, cracks, abrasions, pain and itching
  • Creates a semi-permeable film that locks in moisture to assist with wound healing

  • Hydration key for re-epithelialisation, dermal repair and angigenesis
  • Moist wound healing assists with immediate pain relief

  • Olive oil, rich in antioxidants and nutrients restores fatty acid content to reduce inflammation

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  • 100% Ultra Pure Lanolin

       Hypo-allergenic - suitable for patients with sensitive skin

       Preservative free

       Odourless and alcohol free


  • Does not stain clothes

  • Pliability for easy application

  • Does not need to be removed before breastfeeding




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Recommended instructions for use: 


  • Apply LanOcare after breastfeeding - or as required

  • Squeeze a pea size of LanOcare between fingers, and apply to entire nipple

Use LanOcare in advance when considering breastfeeding to prepare your breasts



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